22-2016-12-11-11-56-04We grow up
We learn to ask for help
From the people with the badges.
The proper people,
The “team”,
The doctors,
The shrinks.

So we ask.
We do it right.
As we have always tried
To do it right.

But right doesn’t work.
Right is wrong.

We have no support.

But we have huge support.

Put your phone away
“They” say.
Reduce screen time.
It is unhealthy and wrong.
Internet and blogs
Stealing your time.
Rude to use your phone at table.

But wrong is right.
Friends are there.
All of them who read this blog
Who react and comment on Facebook,
Supporting, caring, helping.

Without the pressure
Of eye contact or forms or hospitals.
Still there when my spoken words are not.
Me safe at home.
Believed. Loved from a distance.

Thankful for everyone.
Who reads.

There is support.

There are people.
Behind the tiny pictures on my phone.

(There is also wine)

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