67-2017-02-15-14-27-23Sometimes my words flow smoothly and fluently, but sometimes they don’t. Even the written ones can sometimes be difficult, especially if I’ve used them a lot. The system needs time to reboot. I spent nearly all of yesterday writing, information for the forthcoming assessment. As a result, today, I’m aware that written words are not flowing terribly smoothly and even the skeletal draft blog posts that I have I don’t have the power to edit them and work on them before they go out because my head is simply saying that it needs a rest. The busy times of last weekend, then yesterday’s endeavours, have left me in need of recuperation.

Often, when I can’t manage to write prose I will try to make some sort of a poem. When things are at their worst, I can’t even manage that, and I am left with a few fragmented words. Here are four such fragments, which, I suspect, will never be completed, because their moments have now passed…


Wanting to Write

So many things
I want to blog about.

So many feelings
I need to sort.

I have a list
Of posts I want to write

But it only works sometimes.



Old New Autistic

Being newly autistic is very very tiring.
Except I’m not newly autistic.
I’ve been autistic for over 45 years.
So being an old autistic is tiring.



Slowly Words

The words come slowly this morning,
Often in a jumbled order.
Back to front, front to back.

No wish to talk, no need to talk.
I stay quiet.

Even the written ones are an effort.



Overdid Stuff


Too much.


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