Maybe a Poem…

I was never
A poet.

Aside from:

School creations

And a few rhyming ditties,
When an old blog server
And an old computer
To function.

Since last year,
Since I discovered
I was autistic
And everything

And structured
Have become
The way
That thoughts
From my mind.

They are sometimes
More accessible
Crafted prose.
When the machinery
In my head
Is operating
A slow
Translation service…


I don’t even know
If they are poems
Or not.

They are what they are.

And they say what they need
To say.

It is World Poetry Day

And for the first time
I wrote something
That might,
Or might not,
Be a poem.

One thought on “Maybe a Poem…”

  1. Seems poetic to me.

    Poems are freedom,
    To express
    The inexpressible.
    Somewhere among my possessions
    Is a saga.
    Written very much in the style you have used here.


    My son nearly died after
    Coming off his motorbike
    In the rain.

    He was crawling
    To the verge,
    A car came over the hill brow

    The driver saw
    And boy,
    And decided
    ‘Hit bike’.

    Bike flew up in the air.
    Bike landed on Dan…


    So you see, there was a great deal of inexpressible stuff in my head.
    It all mingled with the parental loss of children growing up and moving on and it got very very long. But I was proud of it. Dan now has a lot of stainless steel meccano in his pelvis and a rod in one femur. He wasn’t quite 21 then and he’s just turned 49 now. It all turned out well.

    Big hugs girl.

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