Autistic Haikus

So this morning my
Executive functioning
Is rather broken

Yesterday speech was
Not coming so easily
As it sometimes does

I forget to eat
And I am very rubbish
At preparing food

Looking at eyes of
Most people is not helpful
And feels pretty weird

If I try to be
A non-autistic person
I get exhausted

Sometimes my head can
Have a disaster and ex-
Plode into meltdown

Strip lights are evil
And should be banished from the
Surface of the Earth

I remember things
With patterns and pictures and
Short films in my head

I am not good at
Sitting still or on a chair
Movement is better

My fidget spinner
Is one that glows in the dark
It is very cool

The fridge is sounding
Very very very loud
To my good hearing

Not knowing for years
I was autistic has bro-
Ken my mental health

Learning stuff is cool
I get interested in
Things rather strongly

As a kid I chewed
My school tie but now I have
Proper chewy things

Conversations are
Often rather hard for me
To initiate

I flap my hands and
Flick and twirl my fingers when
I’m stressed or happy

Being diagnosed
Autistic at forty five
Is a big relief

6 thoughts on “Autistic Haikus”

  1. I’m 42 and was just diagnosed this year and I’m relieved as well. I’ve had various diagnoses since I was 12 (bipolar was what they said when I was 21), but none of them made immediate sense like this diagnosis did. It’s so strange to finally understand your own story after so many years. I watched a video made by an Aspy grad student on YouTube called Changing the Face of Autism: Autism in females. It’s a longer video that shows self-interviews of women diagnosed as adults and interviews of some professionals who give some interesting ideas on why so many women don’t get diagnosed. I thought it might be a video you’d be interested in. Here’s the link if you are or you can look it up by the title I gave:

    I liked your haikus. They’re such fun to write. Thank you for the effort you put into your blog. Following your story keeps helping me realize more about my own story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such a huge relief. I also have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which turns out to be correct but only part of the story (it explained some things but not all by a very long way). Like you, autism made so much sense.

      Huge thanks for the link. Much appreciated – have saved it to watch.

      Thank YOU for reading! 🙂

      And yes, the haikus were fun!


  2. Oh, sorry, I forgot one other thing I was going to say. If you haven’t come across this blog, you should definitely check it out:
    It has a great, friendly community and a very active Facebook group without all the frustrating rules that I know you just had a problem with on some other page. Thought you might like it if you haven’t seen it already. Okay, now I’m done. Goodnight!


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