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As I’ve gradually made more and more posts to this blog (and am continuing so to do), I thought it might be handy for those who are new, or those who want to know about a particular aspect of my autistic journey, to be able to see a few lists of posts that deal with particular aspects of my autistic discovery and life. So I’ve made this little guide, which I hope will be useful. The posts are listed in the order in which I posted them and I’ve indicated where they form a narrative and would best be read in order.

Like almost everything in my life and on this blog at the moment this is a “work in progress” and I’ll update it as I can whenever my brain’s working well enough to do it!

A. How I found out I was autistic (narrative):
1. The Background
2. The Discovery

B. Difficulties with trying to get a formal diagnosis or any support (narrative):
1. Too Articulate
2. Too Complicated
3. The Aftermath
4. The Analysis
5. Why Bother?
6. Waiting
7. Mission Aborted
8. Update
9. Clarification

C. Why it took so long to discover I am autistic:
1. Normal Ears
2. Further Reasons
3. Disintegrated Mask

D. Some of my feelings on discovering I was autistic:
1. Time Stood Still
2. Various Feelings (poem)
3. Farewell Strong Woman
4. Expectations Gone
5. New But Familiar (poem)

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