Am I Backwards?

I keep reading tales of those
Who receive their diagnoses,
And tell their friends,
Who disbelieve
Or express surprise
At the new found knowledge.

I see so many posts saying how
Autistic people should not be limited
And should aim
To achieve
And that they are capable
Of so many things.

I notice the posts from those
Who say that their being autistic
Is not the problem
But that the attitudes
Of others towards them
Cause most difficulty.

I am fascinated by this

I revealed I was autistic
And received my diagnosis.
My friends responded:
“Of course you are autistic,
Makes so much sense.
Absolutely obvious!”

I was never consciously
Limited by my unknown condition.
I aimed, and worked
And tried to achieve,
But was never capable
Of so many things.

The problems I have encountered
Through being autistic
Are not from others
But from overload
And lack of functioning
And simply not knowing.

I have this whole thing

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